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Grammar[edit | edit source]

Verb forms[edit | edit source]

Name the verb forms for the subject and infinitive specified.

Translating[edit | edit source]

English to French[edit | edit source]

Translate the following phrases and sentences into French.

French to English[edit | edit source]

Translate these dialogues into English.

Reading comprehension[edit | edit source]

Fill in the blank[edit | edit source]

Fill in the blanks in these conversations. Note: Every blank is one word.

Vocabulary[edit | edit source]

Matching[edit | edit source]

Match the French words with their English definitions.

mouche lightning
le plancher hoax
le rein star
le roi the floor
la abeille thunder
avouer ugly
l'etoile lightning
la foudre confess
l'éclair star (rock star)
le tonnerre kidney
la vedette king
la supercherie bee