French/Lessons/Level two

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School · L'école
Grammar · Passé composé of regular verbs, lire, écrire
Vocabulary · School, school subjects
Culture · La culture
Grammar · Regular verbs review, croire & voir
Vocabulary · Life, religions, holidays, celebrations
Shopping · Faire des courses
Grammar · exer Verbs (acheter), -yer Verbs (payer), object pronoun review, irregular past participles
Vocabulary · Shopping, clothing, shoes
Going out · Sortir
Grammar · Sortir, partir, -enir verbs (venir), -éxer verbs
Vocabulary · Leisure activities, places to go, movies
Transportation · Le transport
Grammar · -uire verbs (conduire), -rir verbs (ouvrir), y, passé composé with être
Vocabulary · Local travel, methods of transportation
Everyday life · Le quotidien
Grammar · Devoir, falloir, reflexive verbs
Vocabulary · Employment, waking up, preparing for work, driving to work, sleep
Rural life · La vie rurale
Grammar · Suivre, vivre, naître, passé composé with reflexive verbs
Vocabulary · Pets, farm animals
Food and drink · La nourriture
Grammar · Manger, boire, partitive article, en, mettre
Vocabulary · Meat, dairy products, drinks, desserts
Dining · Dîner
Grammar · -cer verbs, servir, vouloir, pouvoir
Vocabulary · Meals, silverware, dining at a restaurant
Communication · La communication
Grammar · Dire, -aître verbs, connaître & savoir, envoyer, recevoir
Vocabulary · Mail, calling others, computers
Review · Exercises · Test