French/Lessons/Level three

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Vacations · Les vacances
Grammar · Geographic prepositions, perfect tenses, simple future of regular verbs
Vocabulary · Travel, international travel, nationalities
Work · Le travail
Grammar · Irregular past participles review, conjugated verb + infinitive review
Vocabulary · Companies, blue-collar, white-collar, service, government, the office, office supplies
Health · La santé
Grammar · Simple future of irregular verbs, adverbs, commands
Vocabulary · Visiting the doctor, emergencies, medicine, the dentist, health-care
Money · L'argent
Grammar · Personal pronouns review, present conditional, pronouns with commands
Vocabulary · Forms of money, payment, handling money, going to a bank
Youth · Jeunesse
Grammar · Imparfait, possessive pronouns, stem-changing verbs review
Vocabulary · Games and toys, French children's poems, songs, and stories
Adolescence · L'adolescence
Grammar · Imparfait vs. passé composé, pronominal verbs review, plus-que-parfait
Vocabulary · Pop culture, mass media, part-time jobs
Historical France · L'histoire
Grammar · Passé simple of regular verbs, interrogative pronouns
Vocabulary · Farming and peasant life, noble life, the king, the rennaissance, the reformation
Revolutionary France · Révolution
Grammar · Passé simple of irregular verbs, relative pronouns (qui, que, dont)
Vocabulary · Enlightenment, French Revolution, Democracy, Napoleonic Era, post-Napoleon France, Industrial Revolution
Modern France · La France moderne
Grammar · Past conditional, comparative & superlative, asking questions review
Vocabulary · The 20th century, 20th century advancements and changes
Current events · L'actualité
Grammar · Future perfect, demonstrative pronouns, If...
Vocabulary · News, the European Union, social problems, government, politics
Review · Exercises · Test