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First Aid

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This book covers in depth all topics required for a standard first aid course, and also includes a section on advanced topics. The basics covered include:

First aid is genologicaly defined as the first treatment given to an injured/infected person before taking him or her to a medical facility.

  • Primary assessment and cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR
  • Legal aspects of first aid. Including negligence and consent
  • Circulatory emergencies. Such as bleeding, heart attack and stroke
  • Respiratory emergencies. Such as asthma and anaphylactic shock
  • Internal injuries. Such as broken bones, chest injuries, and internal bleeding
  • Burns, seizures, snake bites, and other medical conditions

In the chapter on advanced topics, you'll find information about oxygen administration and airway management, automated external defibrillator or AED operation, wilderness techniques, additional assessments, and triage.

The intended audience is taking a first aid course from a certified instructor, and can read at a high school level. Please be advised that there are some images of the injuries and conditions discussed.

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Table of Contents

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 First Aid100% developed 

Introduction100% developedIssues in Providing Care100% developedPrimary Assessment & Basic Life Support100% developedSecondary Assessment100% developedCirculatory Emergencies100% developed

Respiratory Emergencies100% developedSoft Tissue Injuries75% developedBone & Joint Injuries100% developedEnvironmental Illness & Injury100% developed

Medical Conditions & Poisoning75% developedAdvanced Topics75% developedAppendices75% developedMeta content75% developed

Introduction100% developed 

Authors75% developedHow To Read This Book100% developedWhat is First Aid?100% developedFirst Aid Training100% developed

Issues in Providing Care
100% developed 

Consent100% developedProtective Precautions100% developedLegal Liability100% developedCritical Incident Stress & Victim Death100% developedAbuse & Neglect100% developed

Primary Assessment & Basic Life Support
100% developed 

Emergency First Aid & Initial Action Steps75% developedA for Airway100% developedB for Breathing100% developedC for Compressions75% developedD for Deadly Bleeding100% developed

Secondary Assessment
100% developed 

Head-to-toe100% developedHistory100% developedVitals100% developed

Circulatory Emergencies
100% developed 

External Bleeding100% developedInternal Bleeding100% developedHeart Attack & Angina100% developedStroke & TIA100% developedShock100% developed

Soft Tissue Injuries
75% developed 

Burns100% developedElectrocution75% developedChest & Abdominal Injuries75% developed

Respiratory Emergencies
100% developed 

Anaphylactic Shock100% developedAsthma & Hyperventilation100% developedObstructed Airway100% developed


Bone & Joint Injuries100% developed 

Musculoskeletal Injuries100% developedImmobilization100% developedHead & Facial Injuries100% developedSuspected Spinal Injury100% developed

Environmental Illness & Injury
100% developed 

Heat-Related Illness & Injury100% developedCold-Related Illness & Injury100% developedPressure-Related Illness & Injury100% developed

Medical Conditions & Poisoning100% developed

Diabetes100% developedSeizures100% developedMental Health Emergency0% developedPoisoning75% developed

Advanced Topics75% developed 

Wilderness First Aid25% developedMarine First Aid0% developedExtended Assessment100% developed

Airway Management100% developedOxygen Administration100% developedAutomated External Defibrillation100% developedTriage100% developed

75% developed 

Appendix A: Glossary50% developedAppendix B: Behind the Scenes25% developed

Appendix C: Sources100% developedAppendix D: Notes for First Aid Instructors25% developedAppendix E: First Aid Kits100% developedAppendix F:Emergency Telephone Numbers

Meta content75% developed 

Sample first aid report100% developedList of Images100% developed What needs to be done?75% developed

Manual of Style75% developedBook category100% developedTemplate category100% developedSubject page100% developed

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