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History[edit | edit source]

Taking a victim history is a crucial step. If an ambulance needs to be called and the victim is conscious, taking a history before the victim's condition worsens will assist the responding paramedics and the emergency department to better help the victim and be aware of medical conditions the victim is suffering from.

Some common things to ask for in a history are can be remembered using the acronym SAMPLE:

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If possible, write these down for quick reference later!

Signs / Symptoms
What is the problem?
Are you allergic to anything?
Do you take any medications?
Past medical history
Do you have any medical conditions (angina, high blood pressure, diabetes…)?
Have you been in the hospital before?
Are you currently under the care of a physician for anything?
Last oral intake
When did you last eat and drink?
Events (leading to illness or injury)
Do you remember what happened?
What were you doing when this happened?

The acronym OPQRST can help you remember what questions to ask about pain.

Pain assessment
Onset (when did it start?)
Provokes (what makes it feel better/worse?)
Quality of pain (sharp/dull, squeezing…)
Radiating pain? (does it spread anywhere?)
Severity of pain (on a scale from 1 to 10)
Timing (Constant? For how long?)
Important Information
Name, date of birth, age, sex, address…
Next of Kin
Is there anyone you would like contacted?
Secondary Assessment
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