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First Aid[edit source]

First Aid
First Aid/Authors
First Aid/How To Read This Book
First Aid/What Is First Aid?
First Aid/First Aid Training
Issues in providing care
First Aid/Consent
First Aid/Protective Precautions
First Aid/Legal Liability
First Aid/Critical Incident Stress & Victim Death
First Aid/Abuse & Neglect
Primary assessment & basic life support
First Aid/Emergency First Aid & Initial Action Steps
First Aid/A for Airway
First Aid/B for Breathing
First Aid/C for Compressions
First Aid/D for Deadly Bleeding
First Aid/CPR summary
Secondary assessment
First Aid/Head-to-toe
First Aid/History
First Aid/Vitals
Circulatory emergencies
First Aid/External Bleeding
First Aid/Internal Bleeding
First Aid/Heart Attack & Angina
First Aid/Stroke & TIA
First Aid/Shock
Respiratory emergencies
First Aid/Anaphylactic Shock
First Aid/Asthma & Hyperventilation
First Aid/Obstructed Airway
Soft tissue injuries
First Aid/Burns
First Aid/Electrocution
First Aid/Chest & Abdominal Injuries
Bone & joint injuries
First Aid/Musculoskeletal Injuries
First Aid/Immobilization
First Aid/Head & Facial Injuries
First Aid/Suspected Spinal Injury
Environmental illness & injury
First Aid/Heat-Related Illness & Injury
First Aid/Cold-Related Illness & Injury
First Aid/Pressure-Related Illness & Injury
Medical conditions & poisoning
First Aid/Diabetes
First Aid/Seizures
First Aid/Poisoning
Advanced topics
First Aid/Airway Management
First Aid/Oxygen Administration
First Aid/Automated External Defibrillation
First Aid/Appendix A: Glossary
First Aid/Appendix B: Behind the Scenes
First Aid/Appendix C: Sources
First Aid/Appendix D: Notes for First Aid Instructors
First Aid/Appendix E: First Aid Kits