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Sugar is a sweetener. It can come from a variety of plant sources, including various trees, root vegetables, and sugar cane. Sugars can be categorized according to origin, processing/refining method, and crystal size.

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Raw Sugar[edit | edit source]

Raw sugars are typically derived from earlier stages in the sugar refining process, when compared to white sugars. They retain varying amounts of molasses. They can include:

White Refined Sugars[edit | edit source]

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white sugar

White sugar is a refined sugar composed almost entirely of sucrose. It can be derived from sugarcane or beets and can have a wide range of crystal sizes.

Brown Sugar[edit | edit source]

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Brown Sugar

Brown sugar, as sold in the USA, is refined white sugar with molasses added back to it. It has more flavor and moisture than white sugars. It can be found in two main forms:

  • Light brown sugar
  • Dark brown sugar

The term 'brown sugar' can also refer to unrefined or raw sugars that have not yet had the molasses removed.

Palm Sugar[edit | edit source]

Maple Sugar[edit | edit source]

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Maple sugar is derived from the sap of sugar maples.

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