Cookbook:Toasted Baguette Slices with Pecan Butter, Brie and Apples

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Ingredients[edit | edit source]

Procedure[edit | edit source]

  1. Place baguette slices on cookie sheet and brush with melted butter. Bake for 8 minutes or until golden brown in a 400°F (250°C) oven. Remove and allow to cool.
  2. Blend pecans and oil in processor or blender to smooth paste. Season with salt.
  3. Spread cream cheese on toasted bread, then top with apple slices and brie slices.
  4. Spread pecan butter over top of each one. Top with pecan half.
  5. Place back on cookie sheet, and bake until cheese melts slightly (about 1 minute).
  6. Serve and enjoy.