Chess Opening Theory/1. Nh3/1...d5

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Amar Opening
a b c d e f g h
8 a8 b8 c8 d8 e8 f8 g8 h8 8
7 a7 b7 c7 d7 e7 f7 g7 h7 7
6 a6 b6 c6 d6 e6 f6 g6 h6 6
5 a5 b5 c5 d5 e5 f5 g5 h5 5
4 a4 b4 c4 d4 e4 f4 g4 h4 4
3 a3 b3 c3 d3 e3 f3 g3 h3 3
2 a2 b2 c2 d2 e2 f2 g2 h2 2
1 a1 b1 c1 d1 e1 f1 g1 h1 1
a b c d e f g h
Position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation(FEN)


Amar Opening[edit]


Threatening to disrupt White's vulnerable Kingside pawn structure with 2...Bxh3, 3. gxh3. But White must want to evoke this outcome, either in search of an outrageous activity of the King's Rook, or a more subtle, Hedgehog-like approach with 2. g3 (and perhaps f3 and Nf2). It could be said that 1...d5 falls into the trap laid by 1. Nh3.

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