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Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.
Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.

Ada 83 is the first version of the Ada programming language. It was based in the so called Ada 80, a preliminary version of the language formally known as MIL-STD-1815 (published in December 1980). This standard was refined and standardized by the DoD and ANSI as ANSI/MIL-STD-1815A in February 1983 (note the additional 'A' at the end), which was later adopted by International Organization for Standardization as ISO/IEC 8652:1987.

Language features[edit | edit source]

Character set[edit | edit source]

  • Identifiers in ASCII (7-Bit)

Summary of features[edit | edit source]

Keywords[edit | edit source]

Ada 83 has 63 keywords:

Pragmas[edit | edit source]

Has 14 pragmas:

Attributes[edit | edit source]

Has 40 attributes:

Library units[edit | edit source]

Package Standard
Nested package Standard.ASCII
Package Calendar
Package System
Package Machine_Code (implementation dependent)
Generic procedure Unchecked_Deallocation
Generic function Unchecked_Conversion
Generic package Sequential_IO
Generic package Direct_IO
Package Text_IO
Generic nested package Text_IO.Integer_IO
Generic nested package Text_IO.Float_IO
Generic nested package Text_IO.Fixed_IO
Generic nested package Text_IO.Enumeration_IO
Package IO_Exceptions
Package Low_Level_IO (implementation dependent)

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