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Pragmas control the compiler, i.e. they are compiler directives. They have the standard form of

 pragma Name (Parameter_List);

where the parameter list is optional.

List of language defined pragmas[edit]

Some pragmas are specially marked:

Ada 2005 
This is a new Ada 2005 pragma.
Ada 2012 
This is a new Ada 2012 pragma.
This is a deprecated pragma and it should not be used in new code.

A – H[edit]

I – O[edit]

P – R[edit]

S – Z[edit]

List of implementation defined pragmas[edit]

The following pragmas are not available in all Ada compilers, only in those that had implemented them.

Currently, there are only listed the implementation-defined pragmas of a few compilers. You can help Wikibooks adding specific aspects of other compilers:

Implementation defined pragma of the GNAT compiler from AdaCore and FSF.
HP Ada 
Implementation defined pragma of the HP Ada compiler (formerly known as "DEC Ada").
Implementation-defined pragma[1] of the Irvine ICC compiler.
Implementation defined pragma of OC Systems' PowerAda.
Implementation defined pragma of Sun's SPARCompiler Ada.[2]

A – C[edit]

D – H[edit]

I – L[edit]

M – P[edit]

R – S[edit]

T – Z[edit]

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Ada Reference Manual[edit]

Ada 83[edit]

Ada 95[edit]

Ada 2005[edit]

Ada 2012[edit]


  1. "2.2 ICC-Defined Pragmas", ICC Ada Implementation Reference — ICC Ada Version 8.2.5 for i960MC Targets, document version 2.11.4.[1]