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This keyword is used in:

  • For loops
  • Representation clauses:
    • attribute definition clause
    • enumeration representation clause
    • record representation clause
    • at clause (obsolescent)
  • Quantified expressions
    • Universal quantification
    • Existential quantification

Nowadays representation clauses are formally called aspect clauses in the last versions of the Reference Manual due to some technicalities, although representation clauses is the name far more extended among Ada programmers. As a historical note, they were known as representation specifications (rep specs) in pre-Ada 83 proposals.[1]

For loops[edit]

[loop name :] for var in [ reverse ] [type range] range loop
end loop;

Where range can be:

  • explicit range like "low .. high",
  • range of scalar or array type: type'Range (or type'Range(n) for multidimensional array types)
  • range of an array: array'Range (or array'Range(n) for multidimensional arrays)

Representation clauses[edit]

Attribute definition clause[edit]

for id'attribute use value;

Where attribute can be any specifiable attribute.

Enumeration representation clause[edit]

for enumeration type use (enum1 => value1, enum2 => value2, ...);

Record representation clause[edit]

for record type use
     component1 at offset range first bit 1 .. last bit 1;
     component2 at offset range first bit 2 .. last bit 2;
  end record;

At clause (obsolescent)[edit]

At clauses are obsolescent since Ada 95:

for id use at address;

where address is of the type System.Address.

An at clause is equivalent to "for id'Address use address;". Since Ada 95 this is the preferred method.

Quantified expressions[edit]

This language feature is only available in Ada 2012.

Universal quantification[edit]

Universal quantification expression:

(for all var in range => predicate)

Existential quantification[edit]

Existential quantification expression:

(for some var in range => predicate)

See also[edit]


Ada Reference Manual[edit]

Ada 83[edit]

Ada Quality and Style Guide[edit]


  1. John Barnes (2003-03-25). High-Integrity Software — The SPARK Approach to Safety and Security. Addison-Wesley. ISBN 0-321-13616-0. Retrieved 2008-06-06. "Representation clauses are now strictly known as aspect clauses — the name was changed in the 2000 Corrigendum for Ada 95 for subtle reasons that need not concern us; Ada historians might recall that they were known as representation specifications (rep specs) prior to the ANSI standardization in 1983. These various terminologies are all in use and the reader will encounter them in the literature. (pp.212–213)" 

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