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Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.
Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.

This is an overview of the major features that are available in Ada 2012, the most recent version of the Ada standard.

Summary of what's new[edit | edit source]

New syntax[edit | edit source]

Added 4 forms of expressions:

  • conditional expressions
  • case expressions
  • quantified expressions
  • expression functions

These additional expressions originated with new support for contract based programming.

New keywords[edit | edit source]

Added 1 keyword (73 total)

  • some

New pragmas[edit | edit source]

Added 5 pragmas:

Note that all these pragmas except Default_Storage_Pool born obsolescent, and it is recommended to use them as aspects instead.

New aspects[edit | edit source]

Aspect specifications is a new feature of Ada 2012. While some aspect identifiers are completely new, others were present in previous versions of the language as aspect-related pragmas or attribute-definition clauses. Note that for these pragmas, in some cases the old pragma identifiers are marked as obsolescent, while in other cases the usage of the pragma is still the recommended approach.

Added 18 aspects:

Aspect specifications already present in previous versions of the language as pragmas:

Aspect specifications already present in previous versions of the language as attribute definition clauses:

New attributes[edit | edit source]

Added 5 attributes:

New packages[edit | edit source]

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