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Ada 95 is the second revision of the language, preceded by Ada 83. It was standardized by the ISO in 1995. The Technical Corrigendum 1 was published in June 2001.[1]

New language features[edit]

Main additions:[2]

Character set[edit]

  • Latin-1 (8-bit) character set for identifiers
  • Type Character expanded to the 256 values of Latin-1 (8 bits)
  • New type Wide_Character (16-bit character type, UCS-2 encoding) and Wide_String

Specialized Needs Annexes[edit]

  • Annex C, "Systems Programming"
  • Annex D, "Real-Time Systems"
  • Annex E, "Distributed Systems"
  • Annex F, "Information Systems"
  • Annex G, "Numerics"
  • Annex H, "Safety and Security" (in Ada 2005 renamed to "High Integrity Systems")

Other language additions[edit]

Summary of what's new[edit]

New keywords[edit]

Ada 95 has 6 new keywords with respect to Ada 83 (69 keywords in total):

  • abstract
  • aliased
  • protected
  • requeue
  • tagged
  • until

New pragmas[edit]

Added 29 pragmas, removed 5 (38 total):

New attributes[edit]

Added 52 attributes, removed 7 (85 total):

New library units[edit]

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