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Welcome to the world of Famous Inventors. What is the story behind some of the greatest inventions? This book will tell you about advances in technology, a biography of who invented them, how they were discovered, and how they have helped you and me.

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Table of Contents[edit]

Thomas Edison
  1. Title Page
  2. Early Inventors
    1. Archimedes25% developed
    2. Galileo25% developed
    3. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek25% developed
  3. Inventors in Communication
    1. Telephone
      1. Alexander Graham Bell25% developed
      2. Samuel Morse25% developed
    2. Radio
      1. Nikola Tesla25% developed
      2. Guglielmo Marconi25% developed
  4. Inventors in Transportation
    1. Henry Ford25% developed
    2. Wilber and Orville Wright25% developed
  5. Inventors in Agriculture
    1. George Washington Carver25% developed
    2. Cyrus McCormick25% developed
    3. Eli Whitney25% developed
  6. Inventors in Everyday Uses
    1. Thomas Edison25% developed
    2. Benjamin Franklin25% developed
    3. Lewis Howard Latimer25% developed
    4. George Westinghouse25% developed
  7. Inventors in Medicine
    1. Marie Curie25% developed

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