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When, Where, and to whom was he or she born?[edit | edit source]

Henry Ford 1888.jpg

Henry Ford was born July 30, 1863.

He was born in Dearborn Mich.

What was his or her childhood like?[edit | edit source]

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He lived on a farm And worked at the farm too.

Why did this person become interested in science?[edit | edit source]

He invented mass production of cars.

Where did this person go to school?[edit | edit source]

At age 16, Ford went to Detroit to work as an apprentice machinist.

What problem did he or she uncover that needed solving?[edit | edit source]

What solutions had already been tried that did not solve the problem? Why wasn't it working?[edit | edit source]

What did this person invent that solved the problem?[edit | edit source]

How did the invention solve the problem?[edit | edit source]

How has this inventor changed people and the world?[edit | edit source]

He made car more Simple to build.

What happened to this inventor in the end?[edit | edit source]

Ford died.

If you could ask this inventor one question, what would you ask?[edit | edit source]

Was it hard building up the Ford motor company?

If you could bring this inventor to today and tell him or her one thing, what would you tell him or her about the effect of his or her invention?[edit | edit source]

They got more bigger and heavier.

References[edit | edit source]