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Copy the main points from this Link to Wright brothers's Wikipedia entry

Where they were born.[edit]

They were born in the United States of America.


What was there childhood like?[edit]

Did You Know?

  • They invented the first working airplane!
  • It was called Kitty Hawk
  • The flight lasted only 12 seconds! Its next flight was 59 seconds.

Catherine Koerner (1831–1889). Wilbur Wright was born near Millville, Indiana in 1867; Orville in Dayton, Ohio in 1871. The brothers never married. The other Wright siblings were named Reuchlin (1861–1920), Lorin (1862–1939), Katharine (1874–1929), and twins Otis and Ida.

Why did this person become interested in science?[edit]

Did this person go to school?[edit]

Yes they did go to school.

What problem did he or she uncover that needed solving?[edit]

What solutions had already been tried that did not solve the problem? Why wasn't it working?[edit]

What they invented.[edit]

They invented the first airplane that flew under its own power.

90px 1902_WrightBrosGlider.jpg

How did the invention solve the problem?[edit]

How has this inventor changed people and the world?[edit]

When they died.[edit]

Wilbur died in 1912, Orville died in 1948

Kitty Hawk, 1903, on a 2001 coin

If you could ask this inventor one question, what would you ask?[edit]

How did you make a plane? How did you start off?

If you could bring this inventor to today and tell him or her one thing, what would you tell him or her about the effect of his or her invention?[edit]