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Countries[edit | edit source]

A–D[edit | edit source]

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Sections that will appear in every country page are:[edit | edit source]

  1. Introduction (name, neighbours, capital city, other cities, currency, membership to a regional organization)
  2. History of the country (brief but mentioning important events)
  3. Geography of the country (mountains, lakes, size, rivers)
  4. People of the country (nationalities, languages, religions)
  5. Sport of the country (teams, recreation, fitness)
  6. Sights of the country (tourist attractions, landmarks)

Each country page should ideally include a map showing the country's location within Africa, an image showing the country's flag and one or two photographs of sights or landmarks within the country. When mentioning other countries in the country page please provide a link to the country page and also provide links to Wikipedia articles for the capital city, currency and any other topics of major interest.

An external link to the main Wikipedia article should be added to the bottom of every page. If you're copying text from other sources (e.g. the main Wikipedia article) please only copy the most important information and simplify the language so it's easily understood by the readers of this book. Feel free to add other information (i.e. food, climate, sport, etc.) if you wish.

Authors/Contributors[edit | edit source]

Further Reading[edit | edit source]

This Wikijunior book is intended for kids but we hope it can be of use for anyone. If you want to read into these topics further visit the Africa pages on Wikipedia. Links for further reading should be added in the individual country pages so that readers can find out more about the capital cities, the language, etc.

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