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Me and my brother hanging around in the snow, 2016
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Welcome to the page of Atcovi [Goldenburg111]. I made my first edit on September 23, 2013, was promoted to reviewer on March 17, 2014, and became an administrator on March 11, 2015.

Although I am an administrator, I'm still an editor just like you... and I have to follow Wikibooks policies, just like you! So don't be afraid to talk to me about a specific issue you have with me.

I contribute to all Wikijuniors in Category:Subject:Wikijunior Geography, but mostly Wikijunior:Asia (I being the sole founder) and Wikijunior:Africa. I've also edited (and made) Wikijunior:Extinct Birds, but I haven't been actively contributing to that Wikijunior book lately.

For questions pertaining to my usage of the administrator rights, message me. See this for more jazz.

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