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Engineering Acoustics[edit]

Application Websites
Lumped Acoustical Systems
Simple Oscillation
Mechanical Resistance
Characterizing Damped Mechanical Systems
Electro-Mechanical Analogies
Solution Methods: Electro-Mechanical Analogies
Primary variables of interest
Electro-acoustic analogies
Transducers - Loudspeaker
Moving Resonators
One-Dimensional Wave Motion
Transverse vibrations of strings
Time-Domain Solutions
Boundary Conditions and Forced Vibrations
Sound Propagation in a Cylindrical Duct With Compliant Wall
Non-Linear Waves
Qualitative Description of Shocks
The Rankine-Hugoniot Jump Equations
Room Acoustics and Concert Halls
Bass Reflex Enclosure Design
New Acoustic Filter For Ultrasonics Media
Noise in Hydraulic Systems
Basic Acoustics of the Marimba
How an Acoustic Guitar works
Specific application-automobile muffler
Bessel Functions and the Kettledrum
Filter Design and Implementation
Flow-induced oscillations of a Helmholtz resonator and applications
Acoustics in Violins
Moving Coil Loudspeaker
Attenuation of Sound Waves
Car Mufflers
Noise from cooling fans
Human Vocal Fold
Microphone Design and Operation
Piezoelectric Transducers
Microphone Technique
Sealed Box Subwoofer Design
Acoustic Guitars
Basic Room Acoustic Treatments
Boundary Conditions and Wave Properties
Rotor Stator Interactions
Sonic Supercharging of 2 Stroke Engines
source-filter theory
International Space Station Acoustics Challenges