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Orion Blastar is interested in free books and while he mostly has written fiction on the Internet on Uncyclopedia and various message boards and forums, he wants to try his hand at writing better articles and maybe contribute to some books.


Orion has an Assocate's in Data Processing with the programming option, and a Bachelor's of Science in Business Management. The later he graduated with honors near the top of his class.


Orion has worked for over 25 years in the computer industry. Orion ran two small businesses in the past. Orion has studied and pracited martial arts.


Orion is looking to expand his computer knowledge, business knowledge, and learn some human and computer languages. Currently he is trying to study the Thai language, with interests in learning Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Dutch and other languages.


Orion is into games, role playing games, video games, board games. Comic books as well is an interest. Other hobbies include chess, astronomy, economics, psychology, and computers.

Books Orion is working on[edit]

Contact Info[edit]

Orion can be reached at his contact page on the Internet, or by leaving a message on his talk page here.