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Long ass time ago, unknown dates[edit | edit source]

2012[edit | edit source]

  • Made a basic game idea with Game Maker called: OMFG Assassin
    • It was an assassin game where you had to kill everyone in the level with melee combat (insta-kill) without being in sight.
    • Only 3 levels were developed as Game Maker is tedious
  • Learnt all about binary :D
  • Learnt basic CSS
  • Learnt my first programming language: Visual Basic.Net
  • Started an AQA A-level computing course (along with AQA A-level Mathematics which was also useful).
  • Used VB.NET programming to make a 4-player space-ship shooting game using form controls (not the best way to make games but oh well)
    • The code was awful, I had just learnt about programming and didn't know you could make procedure lol :/
      • A lot of duplicate code :/

2013[edit | edit source]

  • Remade the game slime soccer with VB.NET programming (again with form controls) with two user inputs.
    • Ball physics were a little bit broken.
  • Rename the game for a second time, this time with VB.NET and OpenTK
    • Didn't bother implementing the ball physics as I got distracted by another project:
  • Made a simple first-person and thrid-person and bird's-eye view (could switch between) game with VB.NET and OpenTK
    • This game allowed you to swap between a sword and a bow
  • Started learning the languages: C++ and Java
  • Bought books on OpenGL and DirectX which really didn't help :/
  • Followed a 2D game development series in Java up to episode 14

2014[edit | edit source]

  • Started learning how to use GLUT with OpenGL in C++.
  • Realised that I kinda knew from my combined knowledge of the .Net Framework and C++. In the process of learning the things that are unique to c#.
  • Started looking to PHP and Javascript
  • Started using the Three.js Javascript library.
  • Started using Unity to make a few projects:
    • Single player self-pong (pong batterns on all four sides of the screen, your mouse controls all of them)
    • Hang-gliding simulator (very basic, you just glide from a high elevation to a lower elevation through many scenery cubes.
  • Made a sandwich website for University coursework using HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  • Made a one button game for University coursework using Unity, based around the theme of stationery.