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Getting Started[edit]

A Brief Description Of Trainz[edit]


Some Essential Do's And Don'ts[edit]

Tips And Tricks[edit]


The Driver aspect of Trainz permits operating virtual trains on modeled railroads. It is the simulation of routes and can be both interactive and automated. All editions of Trainz are supplied with at least one route and driver session for immediate use.


The Surveyor aspect of Trainz provides tools for creating the world and the rails for virtual railroads. While in surveyor, the size of the layout, the weather, the landscape and all your assets can be experimented with until your route is ready to drive.

Asset Management[edit]

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Main pages: Trainz/Introduction to assets and Trainz/AM&C
If you are just browsing the internet trying to get a glimpse of Trainz, or are a new Trainz user, the link above leads into the first chapter below as a set of linked pages, and should be read first.

Managing your assets becomes essential when your 3rd party and DLS content begins to build up. With more than 250,000 items available from the DLS, and built-in content shipped with every edition, the amount of faulty/missing dependencies or items requiring updates or attention quickly becomes a mammoth task to deal with.

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New users are cautioned in the strongest possible terms to limit your greed to just a few items at first and especially to just one route at a time—these can bring in hundreds of assets, many of them older and broken for immediate use. It is better by far to search for sessions so you get a route with some canned Driver sessions.
  • If you are very new, limit yourself to routes v-2.9 or later until you get some practice fixing various errors. You will get enough in even new routes.
  • Any asset not fixed, should be disabled before running Trainz GUI programs using the RMBHd drop down menu.

Trainz AM&C sub-TOC[edit]

Asset Creation[edit]

Many users of Trainz choose to become content creators. This can be seen by the popularity of the DLS and the large number of contributors. There is a steep learning curve associated with content creation and often many ways to produce the same result. Creating content can be incredibly rewarding but the road to a completed model may be long and frustrating.


The implementation of scripting in Trainz has added increased flexibility and interactive possibilites with assets, particularly with animated objects. Scripting in trains adopts the TrainzScript language and requires a basic understanding of programming to follow.

Other Information[edit]

Additional Resources[edit]

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