Trainz/Setting Up Software For Content Creation

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Autodesk GMAX[edit | edit source]

Setting up GMAX is important for consistency in producing digital models. Before you start a model make sure GMAX is set up correctly. It is is still possible to work in imperial measurements if you wish.

  • Launch GMAX using the Trainz Asset Creation Studio. GMAX can be launched normally if preferred, but the exporter function is only availble if you have set up the plugins correctly.
  • From the main file menu go to Customize>Units Setup and in the dialogue box choose metric.
  • From the main file menu go to Customize>Preferences and set the units to your choice. Most creators now use meters, because Trainz basic units of calculations are metres and they'd have to convert back and forth all the time. This is the units your model will be constructed in.

Autodesk 3DS Max[edit | edit source]

Make sure you have the latest updates for your version of 3DS Max. Recent updates have fixed compatibility with Windows Vista, Window 7 and Windows 8. 3DS Max has a many options, including all that are available in GMAX plus many more.

Blender[edit | edit source]

Blender by is a community Freeware and open source 3D graphics modeling software package (similar in development by world wide contributors to Mozilla (Firefox) and Open's office suite attacking the monopoly of big money software developers) developed expressly for animated 3D modeling. It has become quite popular in the Trainz community as the Commercial 3dsMax software is pricey (A full version priced in March 2014 retailed at $3,645.00 US dollars—a bit high for a hobbyist to shell out. see Today's price].)

There are now many pages in this Trainz book on how to use Blender to make Trainz assets.