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 Mouse use

3DS Max Keyboard Shortcuts[edit]

Getting to know the keyboard shortcuts in any program can speed up your efficiency and productivity. 3DS Max is no exception. Many of the following will apply to GMAX too.

F1  – Opens 3DS Max Help
F2  – Shade Selected Faces (on/off)
F3  – Toggle Between Wireframe and Smooth + Highlights
F4  – View Edged Faces
F9  - Render Particular Viewport
F10 - Render Scene Dialogue
E – Select and Rotate Tool
H – Select by Name Dialogue
J – Selection Brackets (on/off)
Q – Select Tool
R – Select and Scale Tool
W – Select and Move Tool
B – Switch to the Bottom viewport
C – Switch to a Camera viewport
F – Switch to the Front viewport
L – Switch to the Left viewport
P – Switch to the Perspective viewport
R – Switch to the Right viewport
T – Switch to the Top viewport
D – Disable Viewport
G – Main Grid (onn/off)
V – Open View Shortcut Menu
M - Material Editor Dialogue
O – Adaptive Degradation (on/off)
X – Transform Gizmo (on/off)
Z – Zooms in on the Current Selection
CTRL-A – Select All 
CTRL-D – Deselect all
CTRL-C – Create Camera From Current Viewport
CTRL-V – Clone Object
CTRL-X – Expert Mode (on/off)
ALT-C – Cut
ALT-L – Select Edge Loop
ALT-Q – Hide Unselected Objects
ALT-X – Display As See-Through (on/off) 
SHIFT-E - Extrude Polygon
SHIFT-Q - Quick Render Selected Viewport
SHIFT-Y – Redo Last Viewport Operation
SHIFT-Z - Undo Last Viewport Operation
Spacebar – Selection Lock (on/off)
1 - Vertex Sub-Object Level
2 - Edge Sub-Object Level
3 - Border Sub-Object Level
4 - Polygon Sub-Object Level
5 - Element Sub-Object Level
7 - Polygon Counter (on/off)
8 – Environment and Effects Dialog
+ - Increase Gizmo Size
- - Decrease Gizmo Size

There are also many more. The hotkeys are customizable under the 'Customize User Interface' menu option.