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Trainz service packs update the program so as to fix known bugs and usually also add additional features. Each major release version of Trainz has its own set of service packs. Service packs are free of charge when downloaded via the Internet via

  • The last service pack for Trainz 1.1 was SP3, creating Trainz 1.3, under which most later sales took place.
  • The last service pack released for TRS2004 is SP4.
  • The only service pack released for TRS2006 is SP1. This is not available for the French and German/East European editions. For those editions, separate full-priced versions of TRS2006 which include SP1 are available. These are called TRS2007 or TRS2008.
  • The three Trainz Classics releases are TRS2006 with different bundled content but SP1 preinstalled, so will not be upgraded by means of service packs.
  • TRS2009 had three Service Packs
  • TRS2010 had two
  • TRS2012 has one, but will be issuing at least one more after May 2013.

Unlike most modern software, there was no option within Trainz until TRS2009 to check for updates, then auto-download and install them. Instead, because of the advanced nature of the data base software, the entire process has to be performed manually. TRS2009—TRS2012 will inform you that an update is available. Monitoring the Web Board at, particularly the "What's New" forum will advise you of pending releases or newly available updates, including any Hot Fixes.

Before applying a service pack, backup all the assets you have created yourself or downloaded; these will generally reside in \local and \libraries folders. There is a definite risk of losing these assets during the service pack installation, particularly in TRS2006.

Before downloading a service pack, run Trainz and make a note of the build number displayed on the program's main menu, lower right hand corner. This uniquely defines the version, regional edition and service pack level.

  • When downloading a service pack, the first number in the filename of the service pack file must match your build number. The slightest discrepancy in these numbers will cause the service pack installation to fail.
  • The second number in the filename is the build number that will result after successfully installing the service pack.
  • Some service packs can be downloaded from Auran's web site. Service packs for some regional editions of Trainz can be downloaded from the distribution company for the relevant country, for example 'Just Trains' for the Unite Kingdom. Some Trainz fansites also make some service packs available to their members.

Be sure to also obtain the full instructions for installing the service pack. It is absolutely vital to follow those instructions in every precise detail without omitting any of the steps. SP1 for TRS2006 is particularly unforgiving and will fail if there is the slightest deviation from the instructions.

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