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Trainz Content Creation—Master Table of Contents

for Intermediate to Advanced Topics

Trainz Asset Maintenance and Creation
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Trainz Advanced Content Creation[edit]


The Trainz Content Creator may have little more than a picture like this to work with for developing Trainz models of older asset prototypes. Most locomotives take upwards of 6 months of diligent effort to make a good model, so send your favorite Content Creators chocolates or flowers today!

This Book Division index page is a master Table of Contents page for Intermediate Skills and Advanced 3D Content Modeling and skills building topics. Just as Introductory Trainz pages linked above is for those just getting their feet onto the first slopes of the various Trainz learning curves, and Content Creation and References are for even more advance topics. If the reader visualizes a large reference work in a three ring binder with TABS sticking out to quickly switch between book sections, you see what we're trying to accomplish in your minds eye.

At the file structure level, some threaded materials will be linked both in-sequence (threaded page to page 1st to next page) and in collections of related material where it was relocated into various places such as Trainz Wikibook Appendix pages, or other divisions of the Trainz Wikibooks. Consequenly, if you've seen such a page, with a slightly different look the chances are you have—the magic of modern type setting technology in a Wiki allows that page to appear both ways! These Division TOC pages will also introduce new and older Trainzers to that of organization of the work, and give a greater sense of where to look for things when needed.

Advanced Content Creation TOC[edit]

  1. Content Configuration
  2. link1
  3. link 2...

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