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Trainz Appendices or Appendixes

Trainz Reference Pages
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Note some of the pages listed here are on dated topics or otherwise deal with defunct or obsolete Trainz Utilities we are pleased to maintain information about for historical reasons, and because all Trainz releases have their legions of loyal fans who maintain such releases in an active state.


Collected Appendixes Index

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  01     Glossary    The Wikibook Trainz glossary is complementary to the Notations page. As a rule, a short dictionary length explanation—when such are suitable—will be found in Notations, as are terms of art subject to quick explanation. The Glossary by contrast will contain many longer explanations with a bit more depth or background, yet still short topics of up to a screenful in length. Together the two give the article pages capability to be linked to a clear definition of terms, aiding quick learning and enhancing clarity and understanding. Note that either or both may cover a term of art.
  02     All Hotkeys    
  03     CM&CMP Hotkeys    
  04     Driver Hotkeys    
  05     Surveyor Hotkeys    
  06     Windows Hotkeys    
  07     Locating locos    Lists websites with locomotives for those seeking a particular era, model, or class.
  08     The Trainz Asset Repair Library (TARL)    TARL was a community effort to log repaired assets and distribute updated config.txt files repairing many assets. TARDIS and Asset-X have replaced the library when the building housing it's server was hit by lightning.
  09     ACS Coupling information    ACS Coupling tables for the British themed needs. ACS couplers have a different meaning in North America, but the table's data is needed for British tech railcar models.
  10     Trainz Versions & Builds codes   cross-reference of release versions, service packs, hotfixes, patches and links to the various manual software updates when available. 
  11     TrainzMap    A Free Utility created by Vista Mare that allowed printed copies of Trainz route's maps. (Incompatible with 'Native Mode' so only Compatibility Mode saved TS10 (and TS09-SP4) maps can be plotted. TSMac1 and TS12 maps use a different format so the community needs a new program.
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