Traditional Chinese Medicine/Methodology Of Taking The Pulse

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Taking The Pulse[edit]

Depth And Level[edit]


The pulse is accessed with the fingertips at the center of the small area between the nail and the flat pad of the finger. Exceptions are the following:

  1. Special Lung position, use the flat part of the index finger
  2. Distal positions, use the radial side of the index finger
  3. Gallbladder and Stomach-Pylorus Extension positions, use the ulnar side of the middle finger
  4. Pelvis/Lower Body position, use the ulnar side of the ring (4th) finger
  5. For the Neuro-psychological, Mitral Valve, Liver Radial Engorgement, and Special Lung positions, use one finger alone.

Broad Focus[edit]

Gender And Age[edit]

Rhythm And Rate[edit]

Closer Focus[edit]