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Group activities[edit | edit source]

Most unicycling games are either not as fun or impossible to play by yourself. Unicycling clubs are excellent places to play these games.

Basketball[edit | edit source]

Basketball is an excellent activity to do on a unicycle because, unlike on a bicycle, your hands are completely free.

Unicycle basketball is exactly like regular basketball except on a unicycle. If you have a choice you will want to use either a 24" or a 20" unicycle. You will also want to play on a durable court(hardwood can potentially get beaten up) and an overhanging hoop is also a good thing so you do not run into the pole. Here is a clip that shows basketball on unicycles (French).

Street hockey[edit | edit source]

Street hockey is another excellent game to play on a unicycle. All you need is a puck or (more usually) a tennis ball, some street or ice hockey sticks, some unicycles (preferably 20") and some friends.

Jousting[edit | edit source]

This is a good activity to do on a unicycle as you only need two people. The only bad thing about jousting is the high potential for getting hurt. To avoid this you will want to do it on a soft area with padding on the jousting poles and possibly some form of armor.

When you have everything set up all you need to do is pick up your jousting poles, mount your unicycle and CHARGE! If you manage to knock your opponent off(without any serious injuries to you or your opponent please) and are able to continue riding your unicycle you win.

Like I said before, this is a potentially dangerous game. Do not hit your opponent in the head or neck as this could result in serious injuries. You also want to use fairly short poles so they are more controllable.

Gladiators[edit | edit source]

This is a fun game if you have a lot of people to do it with. Have everyone line up in a circle and mount their unicycles. Once everyone is on their respective unicycle it is pretty simple. DO NOT FALL OFF! The last one standing (or unicycling) wins! The only real rules in this game is to make sure that no one gets hurt. Do not use any violence to knock your opponent off. Simply push or pull them off their unicycles. Winning is not nearly as important as having a good time and not obtaining any serious injuries.

More creative ways of dismounting someone include lodging sticks in their spokes, tickling them and pulling the quick release on their saddle.

Racing[edit | edit source]

Racing is an excellent activity to do on a unicycle. The only problem is when you get different size wheels racing. To compensate for this you may want to give unicyclers with bigger wheels some form of time penalty.

Individual Activities[edit | edit source]

Just because you can't find anyone else to unicycle with does not mean you can't have a good time.

Walking Your Dog[edit | edit source]

Walking your dog can be a very enjoyable activity on your unicycle(presuming you have a dog and it is not too obese to walk) and also attracts a lot of attention from the neighbours(whether you want that attention or not). Walking your dog is also really good practice because chances are he(or she) will not cooperate. You will be pulled in all directions and it will take a lot more energy and effort to stay balanced. You also run the really high risk of face planting. You may need to get stitches afterwards. Also, be careful of crushing a banana. This video shows 'walking' a cute dog on unicycle

Obstacle Courses[edit | edit source]

Setting up an obstacle course is another excellent way to practice and have fun at the same time. You can use any kind of obstacle you want. Hills, ledges and jumps are very popular but you can also put up cones(pine cones, rocks, etc. work too) that you have to go around or through. Be creative!

Advanced riders often build more substantial courses that involve combinations of palets, skinies, and gaps to jump.

Muni/hiking or biking trails[edit | edit source]

If you have any trails or other areas where you can ride your unicycles they can make a nice change from riding around town and can be a fun challenge if you ride on rough terrain.