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The Unicyclopedia

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The Unicyclopedia
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Welcome to The Unicyclopedia! The goal of this project is to create a complete encyclopedia of unicycling knowledge. We need more pictures of unicycles, so if someone would like to add them, it would be great. Be sure to also visit the Unicycle entry on Wikipedia.

Advice for editing The Unicyclopedia

If you feel that something is missing or may be improved in this book you may modify it. This is done by pressing edit to the right of the section that you want to modify. If you need general directions on how to edit the Wiki, please visit How to edit a page and the User's Guide. Try to make your contribution fit into the context.

Notice that everything you contribute has to be under the GNU Free Documentation License and Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This means that you are not allowed to simply cut and paste advice from R.S.U. without permission from the author. It is usually better to rewrite it for The Unicyclopedia anyway. If you add something anyone is free to further improve it later!

Do not hesitate to make small improvements such as correcting problems in grammar and spelling. Some of the contributors do not speak English natively. If you feel that a section is missing but don't know what to write, just create an empty section!

Last but not least, do not forget to post in the forum about your additions, it will inspire others to do the same thing!

Thank you for helping us improve The Unicyclopedia. Only together can we fully develop this project.