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Axis[edit | edit source]

Basic but good quality beginners unicycles available in New Zealand and Australia.

Badger Bikes[edit | edit source]

Badger Bikes makes custom 20", 24", 26", 29" and 36" unicycle frames with disc brake mounts and a unique twin plate crown design.

Bedford[edit | edit source]

Bedford unicycles are a brand sold in Canada, specializing in trials unicycles; producing unicycles from beginner to pro.

Coker[edit | edit source]

The Coker Tire Company makes a 36" wheel unicycle, "The Big One", which is extremely popular, as for a long time it was the only unicycle available with this wheel size. Now the UDC 36" (Radial 36"), Nimbus 36" and Qu-ax 36" are becoming more popular in Europe, perhaps because Coker unicycles are very hard to get hold of outside the US. 'Coker' is still sometimes loosely used to refer to any 36"er.

Corbin[edit | edit source]

Corbin Dunn (USA) hand makes one-off custom unicycles, including the Corbin V-36 frame, tandem unicycle, and recumbent unicycle.

DM[edit | edit source]

David Mariner (UK) produced high quality giraffe, freestyle and mountain unicycles with frames from aircraft-grade steel. He also made custom unicycles. Unfortunately no longer in business, though the unicycles are still going strong.

Flansberrium[edit | edit source]

Jakob Flansberry (CA) handmakes his aluminium frames to order. Known for his expert welding, Flansberrium frames satisfy the irregular wheel market in unicycles. Fat tyre frames and 27.5inch wheels are a few of the frames to have come out of the Flansberrium workshop.

GB4[edit | edit source]

GB4 Manufacturing produces unicycle parts which are available exclusively through

Hunter[edit | edit source]

Handcrafted by Hunter Cycles and often made to order. More expensive than mass produced unicycles, but highly praised by Muni riders. Frames are usually in the split "V shape."

Koxx[edit | edit source]

Koxx is a new brand in the unicycling scene. Koxx are known for very good bikes especially their trials bikes. Together with Yoggi, one of the best and most extreme unicyclists in France, they molded Koxx into a very fabulous new unicycle brand. They use some proven Try All parts like rims and tires.

Kris Holm[edit | edit source]

Kris Holm Unicycles, run by one of the world's leading trials and muni experts, produces several lines of trials and mountain unicycles which are very highly regarded. They recently announced a geared hub, co-produced with Schlumpf.

LiveWire[edit | edit source]

LiveWire Unicycles has developed a reputation over the past several years as a builder of the finest custom unicycles available. LiveWire scours the bicycling and unicycling world for cutting-edge parts and concepts and builds them into tough, beautiful unicycles, one customer at a time. LiveWire's specialties include 29" off-road racing unicycles, 36" touring unicycles, and 24" MUni wheels.

Mad4One[1][edit | edit source]

Mad4One, a premium unicycle company based in Italy, produces Street, Trials, Freestyle, MUni, and Race style unicycles. Very good quality, long lasting, high durability parts. Parts and full setups come with extensive custom color options via Mad4One's in house anodizing process.

Miyata[edit | edit source]

Miyata, a highly regarded and long established Japanese cycle manufacturer produces several different 20" freestyle unicycles, as well as a 24" model. Miyata unicycles are much more expensive than some other makers, but are very good quality.

Nimbus[edit | edit source]

Nimbus Unicycles produce a high quality range covering all styles of unicycling; from freestyle and commuting to Muni and Trials. The range also includes ultimate wheels, BC wheels and giraffes. They have recently developed their own ISIS hub for their Street, Freestyle and Trials unicycles as well as being one of the few manufacturers to have switched to frames with machined bearing cups across their range.

Onza[edit | edit source]

Onza are a trials bike manufacturer who have branched out into making really strong Trials and Muni (offroad) unicycles, and have recently produced a really strong ISIS splined hub to fit their famous Tensile cranks.

Pashley[edit | edit source]

A manufacturer of hand-made bikes in the UK, they made the first commercially-available muni (offroad unicycle), called the Pashley Muni, in the late 90s.

Pichlerrad[edit | edit source]

Pichlerrad are a German company which makes unicycles, ultimate wheels, giraffes and some bikes. Very good quality - these unicycles will last for years. Their 6 foot giraffe is a particularly good model.

Profile[edit | edit source]

Profile are a hub and crank manufacturer who produced one of the first splined hubs for unicycles, to try and cope with the abuse thrown at unicycles by Muni and trials unicycle riders. Their hub has inspired a loyal following with its limited lifetime guarantee for the cranks.

QU-AX[edit | edit source]

QU-AX are a German manufacturer. They produce unicycles of both splined and unsplined varieties. Their splined munis and trials unicycles are generally agreed to be about as strong as a KH or Onza. They are substantially cheaper.

Raleigh[edit | edit source]

A UK bicycle manufacturer who used to build their bikes in Nottingham but now gets them made in the Far East, has a basic unicycle in their range of bicycles but is more concerned with the bicycle end of the market. Raleigh is often sold under the Avenir brand name in the US.

Schlumpf[edit | edit source]

Revolutionary unicycle with geared hub, the first production geared unicycle and can change gear while riding.

Schwinn[edit | edit source]

Schwinn produced unicycles years ago, but stopped for financial reasons. Recently, however, they have reintroduced their unicycle line. Schwinn unicycles tend to be stronger than some other brands, but also heavier. Schwinn produces 20 and 24 inch models as well as the Giraffe (which is claimed to be the exclusive name of the Schwinn giraffe unicycles).

Semcycle[edit | edit source]

Designed by unicyclist Sem Abrahams, Semcycle unicycles come in several varieties, including freestyle, giraffe, multi-wheeled, and off-road models. The freestyle models are the most popular.

Siegmono Cycle[edit | edit source]

Siegmono produces in Germany and has been selling unicycles for 20 years. Besides standard sizes they have 12", 18", 22" and 30" unicycles; giraffes, multi-wheeled, excenter unis, and handlebar unicycles.

Summit[edit | edit source]

Sun[edit | edit source]

A low-cost brand of unicycles mostly used by beginners. Their unicycles have a reputation for being easy to break, particularly for larger wheel sizes.

Torker[edit | edit source]

The Torker Bicycle Company produces 5 different lines of unicycles; CX, LX, DX, TX and AX. The LX and CX are two of the most popular first unicycles in the US.

CX stands for classic, and is produced with 16", 20",24", and 30" wheel sizes. The rim is designed for basic riding and light freestyle; it will not put up with rough use.

LX stands for luxury, and even for beginners is a much better choice than the CX. It has a fairly comfortable saddle, a stronger 48-spoke wheel, and a wider frame. It is mostly used and most commonly known for freestyle, as well as very light trials and MUni.

DX stands for deluxe. This is Torker's heaviest-duty unicycle, suitable for extreme trials, MUni, and some street if desired.

TX means tall. Torker's five-foot giraffe is one of the least expensive available.

AX stands for Aluminium. Comes in 20", 24" and 29" wheel sizes. It has a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and has been discontinued.

United[edit | edit source]

Wilder[edit | edit source]

Wyganowski[edit | edit source]

Hand crafted unicycles made in Minnesota, U.S.A. Building since 1995 building unicycles to meet the demands of professional riders. Each is designed and fit for the individual rider. Freestyle, Two Wheelers, 24" racing, Muni, 29er, and Giraffes up to 12 feet including pull-apart styles. Unicycle are built with top grade materials from the U.S. and Europe. Manufacturer of a heavy duty bearing holder. Paul worked in conjunction with T.C.U.C., Dustin Kelm, and Andy Cotter developing his freestyle, and touring unicycles during the origination of unicycle touring. He will soon be offering 100% Stainless steel unicycles built from Reynolds 953 and KVA stainless steel tubings as well as Titanium.

Yuni[edit | edit source]

A house brand. The Yuni frame is narrower at the top than the Nimbus, which gets wider as it goes up and then expands into a baillorette

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