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Unicycle racing consists of track racing, road racing, and off-road racing.

Track racing is done on a level closed-course circuit, and is governed by IUF Rules, as well as applicable rules of national and local governing bodies. The traditional racing class is for 24" wheels with cranks no shorter than 5", but 700c wheels and larger are allowed in some track events. Records are kept by the IUF and Guinness World Records(TM). Races include sprints, medium distances up to 1600m, and open time records (e.g. 1, 12 and 24 hour records). There are backwards as well as forward races, slow as well as fast, and even obstacle courses.

Road racing is generally limited to the 10K (6.2 miles) for official races, but longer races are also becoming popular. Road racing can be done on any open course, either out & back, or point A to point B. Road racing can and often does include hill climbs. There are no wheel size limits.

Off-road racing on MUnis is very popular, and many unicyclists have participated in mountain bike races of all distances and degrees of difficulty. MUni racing can consist solely of a hill climb, to cross-country style, to downhill. Equipment is generally unlimited, and usually includes wide knobby tires and well-padded saddles.