Super Mario 64/Bowser in the Sky

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To get into this stage, a player requires 70 stars and needs to have beaten Bowser in the Fire Sea.

Normal Route (no red coins)[edit | edit source]

Red Coin Route[edit | edit source]

Most red coins can be discovered throughout the way to the top. Some could be overlooked, such as the first one, which can be reached by jumping on the red-edged box near the beginning. The last coin is located beneath the stairs near the warp pipe to the final battle, making it the most difficult to find for first-time players.

Defeating Bowser[edit | edit source]

Get behind Bowser and grab his tail. Spin him slowly around by rotating the analog stick 360 degrees. Then toss him a little way and run up behind him and grab him again. Repeat throwing Bowser until you get close to a mine, and let him have it. The rings he stomps out are easy to jump over the closer you stand to Bowser. After you throw him into a spike twice, Bowser will break the platform into a star. Stand in the middle when he is doing this. There is a 1-up right before you enter to battle Bowser. It is right behind one of the pillars where the wind blows. Good Luck!!

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