Super Mario 64/Shifting Sand Land

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Location: Basement. Jump in to the wall at the dead end.

Description A desert level with a big flying bird and a pyramid.

Original stars[edit | edit source]

Star 1: In The Talons Of The Big Bird[edit | edit source]

Look for the giant bird flying around. Fly to one of the four big pillars and wait for the bird. When it comes near, grab the star. You can fly over to where the star lands. Also you can shoot from the cannon to fly and catch the star.

Star 2: Shining Atop The Pyramid[edit | edit source]

Fly or walk to the top of the pyramid. The star is inside a hole at the top.

Star 3: Inside The Ancient Pyramid[edit | edit source]

Go inside the pyramid. Make your way to the top and grab the star.

Star 4: Stand Tall On The Four Pillars[edit | edit source]

Stand on each of the four pillars outside the pyramid. The top of the pyramid will blast away. Go to it and go in the hole. Ride the elevator down, and jump in to the hole in the big sandy/beige block checkered with red. Inside, you have to beat the pyramid boss by hitting the eyes on its hands three times each.

Star 5: Free Flying for 8 red coins[edit | edit source]

Get all eight red coins. When you first enter the level, turn around and get the coin behind you. Then smash the box under the big stone roof. All the rest of the coins you can get by flying around (four in the air, one in the pool and one on the ground somewhat near the cannon).

Star 6: Pyramid Puzzle[edit | edit source]

Enter the pyramid, and make your way to the top. Right before the star, there is a hole in the barrier around the platform. Look down. Jump to the platform below you. There are two more platforms like this slightly below the first platform. Next jump in to the stream of sand and get the two coins going down there. The star will appear at the end.

Star 7: 100 Coins[edit | edit source]

Kill all enemies and get all the red coins outside, then go into the pyramid and collect the rest.

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