Super Mario 64/Dire, Dire Docks

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Location: Basement, in the door with the big star on it.

Description: Water level with Bowser's sub, a bunch of sharks, and a whirlpool.

Original stars[edit | edit source]

Star 1: Board Bowser's Sub[edit | edit source]

Go through the cave and get in to the second cavern. Hit the switch to make the blocks appear and get on bowsers submarine. The star is on there, out in the open.

Star 2: Chests In The Current[edit | edit source]

There are four chests at the base of the whirlpool. Open them in this order: The one by the clamshell, get the next two chests counterclockwise from there, then the last chest.

Star 3: Pole Jumping For Red Coins[edit | edit source]

Get all 8 red coins. They are all in the second cavern. You have to hit the same switch as star 1, but climb the other steps. Then jump between poles for the red coin.

Star 4: Through The Jet Stream[edit | edit source]

There is a stream much like the one in the third level in the second cavern of this level, except there are rings coming from it. Go through five rings in a row, and the star will appear in the stream. Use the metal cap to get it, just as before.

Star 5: The Manta Ray's Reward[edit | edit source]

In the first cavern, there is a Manta Ray swimming around. There are rings coming out behind it. Swim through five consecutive rings to get the star. It will appear just above the whirlpool. Go from above, and be careful.

Star 6: Collect The Caps[edit | edit source]

Go to the second cavern to where the green cap is. Get both the green and blue caps and go down through the underwater cage where the star is.

Star 7: 100 Coins[edit | edit source]

You have to search very carefully for the coins. There are no coins from enemies. You must get all the red coins and the blue coin box near them. There are only 106 coins in this level, so search carefully! It is very difficult to find them.

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