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Recipes for the Design of Experiments

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Recipes for the Design of Experiments

Short Description:[edit | edit source]

This book covers practical examples of the statistical design of experiments for systematically testing hypotheses (ideas) about how a system under test behaves. The examples will be based on the setting, design, analysis paradigm and include R code for the design and analysis. The aim is to provide examples that readers can use in their own work. Topics to be covered are:

  1. The scientific method, randomized controlled trials, one factor at a time experiments and reproducible research
  2. Tools for reproducible research and the R project for statistical computing
  3. A review of descriptive and inferential statistics
  4. Experiments with a Single Factor: One Way ANOVA
  5. Experiments with More Than One Factor
  6. Full Factorial Experiments at Two Levels
  7. Fractional Factorial Experiments at Two or Three Levels
  8. Regression Models
  9. Response Surface Methodology
  10. Taguchi Designs and Quality Control

Work will begin on August 29, 2016 with contributions from students in the Rensselaer classes ISYE 4330 and ISYE 6020: The Design of Experiments.