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Development has now ceased, as announced to the community on Feb 05, 2012, although the latest stable release should still work effectively on a wide range of hardware. Puredyne is a Linux distribution specialised for real-time audio and video art. It has lots of tools for generation and streaming built right in, runs well on old or low-spec hardware, and can run live from a CD/DVD or a USB stick! (More about Puredyne at Wikipedia.) This is The Puredyne Book - whether you're just getting started, developing a specific project using Puredyne, or remixing it to make your own custom operating system, this book will help you find your way.

Table of contents

Getting started:

Installing Puredyne

Configuring Puredyne

Puredyne Desktop

Getting started with...

How To...

Case studies:


Making a custom operating system:


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