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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the default login and password? The default login and password are lintian and live. There is no root password.

I booted the live CD, but where are my files??? When booting the Live CD, your files are not displayed automatically. You have to mount the part of your hard disc that contains your files. See this page for instructions.

The sound is not working. Why? Alsamixer is probably muted. type alsamixer in a terminal and press "m" on the channels you want to unmute (probably Main and PCM). Use your left and right arrow keys to switch between channels. Use your up and down arrow keys to alter the volume. Press ESC to exit alsamixer.

Are you going to support <insert favourite piece of hardware here>? If this hardware is supported on GNU/Linux and if you're nice we'll have a look and try to make it work. Give us a beep on the pure:dyne Mailing List.

Are you going to distribute <insert favourite software>? Short answer: If it makes sense yes. Long answer: Puredyne aims to provide a stable and optimzed platform for artists working in the fields of real-time audio and video processing. Even though some usual "office tools" are provided (browser, mailer, spreadsheet, text editor ...) it is not our goal to provide *all* of them. It is possible though for a user to install these manually and even share them with other Puredyne and Ubuntu system users.

How should I report a bug? Check out how to report bugs, defects or suggest enhancements here. If you are having problems with this, you can always send us a message on the pure:dyne Mailing List.

I dont like this user:pass, can I change it? You can create as many new users as you want. Open a terminal and type: sudo useradd -m -G users,floppy,disk,lp,dialout,audio,video,usb,wheel -d /home/<USERNAME> <USERNAME>. You can then change the pass with passwd <USERNAME> Log out and try your new user!

Does pure:dyne use a realtime kernel? If you're using the live install (liveHD, liveUSB or liveCD/DVD), then yes you are using a RT kernel and the system is already configured to take advantage of that.

I see clocksource tsc unstable while booting, can I fix it? Yes, it should be harmless but you can fix that by booting with clocksource=hpet.