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Switching and adding workspaces

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Puredyne gives you four desktop workspace areas as a default. Users of systems with a single desktop workspace might find getting used to four of them tricky at first – the workspaces look the same and it can be easy to lose windows by forgetting where you’ve put them. However, the advantage is that you have more space to spread your applications. Give it a try!

Switching workspaces

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There are three ways to switch between workspaces:

  1. use the mouse to select one of the desktops, in the row of grey desktop images on the lower right hand part of the screen. The darkest desktop icon is the one you are currently on.

  1. Use Ctrl+Alt+Arrowkey left and Ctrl+Alt+Arrowkey right to move from desktop to desktop
  2. You can also switch workspaces with your function keys: CTL+F1 (or F2, F3, F4)

Adding workspaces

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To increase or decrease the number of workspaces you have:

  • In the main Puredyne menu, choose Settings -> Workspaces
  • Enter the number of workspaces you would like in the number box and click close