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Pulsars and neutron stars

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Pulsars and Neutron Stars

The aim of this wikibooks is to create a book describing theoretical and observational aspects of pulsar astronomy.

Table of contents


  1. Introduction
  2. History of pulsar discoveries
  3. History of telescopes and instrumentation
  4. History of data processing
  5. History of observational results
  6. History of applications of pulsars
  7. History of the theoretical understanding of pulsars (not started)
  8. Pulsar people
  9. Key discoveries and the literature
  10. Mistakes and red herrings in pulsar research

Neutron stars and pulsars

  1. Neutron star properties
  2. Pulsar properties
  3. The pulsar population
  4. Individual pulsars
  5. Related objects

Observing pulsars, accessing data files and useful software

  1. Observing pulsars
  2. Telescopes involved in pulsar research
  3. Accessing and processing pulsar data sets
  4. Publically available pulsar software

Pulse profiles

  1. Pulse profiles
  2. Analysing single pulses
  3. Pulse emission

From the pulsar to the Earth

  1. The interstellar medium
  2. The Sun and interplanetary medium
  3. Pulsar rotation measures

Pulsar searching

  1. Searching for pulsars
  2. Summary of surveys

The pulsar timing method

  1. Overview of the pulsar timing method
  2. Modelling timing residuals
  3. Noise in pulsar timing residuals

Using pulsars

  1. Searching for gravitational waves
  2. Pulsar based time standards
  3. Using pulsar timing to study (and navigate) the solar system
  4. Testing theories of gravity
  5. Pulsars in globular clusters
  6. Pulsar planets

Pulsar glitches and the interior of neutron stars

  1. Pulsar glitches
  2. The neutron star interior

Statistical analysis and numerical recipes

  1. Statistical and analysis methods for pulsar research
  2. Coordinate systems and reference frames
  3. Useful parameters and constants

Education and outreach

  1. Education and outreach
  2. Tutorials and worksheets
  3. Unsolved problems (not started)

Manuals and computing

  1. Tempo2 manual (not started)
  2. Temponest manual
  3. ptaSimulate manual
  4. Introduction to C for pulsar astronomers
  5. Introduction to Julia for pulsar astronomers