Pulsars and neutron stars/Individual pulsars

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

Individual pulsars[edit | edit source]

PSR J0437-4715[edit | edit source]

PSR J1107-5907[edit | edit source]

Parameter Value
Right ascension 11:07:34
Declination -59:07:18
Period (s) 0.25
Dispersion measure (cm-3pc) 40.2
Binary No

This pulsar has at least two emission states. Usually, it is thought to have three states: strong, weak and "off", but Young et al. (2014) suggested that the "off" state may actually be the bottom end of the pulse-intensity distribution of the weak state. They also showed that the pulsar remains in the strong state for ~200-6000 pulses with apparent nulls of up to a few pulses at a time.

PSR J1717-4054[edit | edit source]