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Donghai Bridge linking Yangshan Port

Yarngshan Port, or Yarngshan Deep-Water Port, is a deep-water port for container ships in Harngzhou Bay south of Shahnghaai.

Yarngshan Gaang, huoh Yarngshan Shen-Shuii Gaang, shih Shahnghaai narnmiahn Harngzhou Wan d huohguih-gaang.

Built to allow the Port of Shahnghaai to grow despite shallow waters near the shore, it allows berths with depths of up to 15m, and can handle today's largest container ships.

weih jieejuer Shahnghaai shuii-qiaan err jiahnsheh, nerng tirngbor shen-dar 15m, bihng nerng chuulii jintian zuih-dah d huohguih-chuarn.

The port is built on the islands of Greater and Lesser Yarngshan, part of the Zhoushan islands.

haaigaang weihyur Zhoushan Qurndaao d Dah-Xiaao Yarngshan Daao.

It is connected to Shahnghaai via the 32.5km Dong Haai Bridge, opened on 1 December 2005 as the world's longest sea bridge.

2005 niarn 12 yueh 1 rih qiiyohng d shihjieh zuih-charng d haai-qiaor, 32.5km d Dong Haai Dahqiaor, liarnjie Yarngshan Gaang yuu Shahnghaai.

The six-lane highway bridge took 6,000 workers two and half years to construct.

zheh-tiaor 6-xiahn gongluh-qiaor yohng 6000'g gongrern, hua 2-niarn-bahn jiahncherng.

Port officials said the handling capicity of Yarngshan Port is 12.3 million TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent unit) in 2011, up from 10.1 million TEUs in 2010.

gaangkoou guanyuarn shuo, Yarngshan Gaang tuntuuliahng corng 2010 niarn d 1010 wahn'g TEU zengjia daoh 2011 niarn d 1230 wahn'g.