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Shanghai is China's biggest city, as well as one of the world's largest cities with the population of 23 million in 2010. It is a directly governed city on the banks of the Chang Jiang River (also called Yangzi River). The river flowing through Shanghai is called the Huangpu River.

Shahnghaai shih Charng Jiang (yee jiaohzuoh Yarngzii Jiang) her`ahn d zhirxiarshih, shih ZG zuih dah cherngshih, yee shih shihjieh zuih dah cherngshih zhiyi, 2010 niarn rernkoou 2300 wahn. liurjing Shahnghaai d herliur jiaohzuoh Huarngpuu Jiang.

Shanghai was not a major city until the 1800s, when it became a major trading port with Western countries. It is the biggest port in the world.

19 shihjih Shahnghaai yuu Xifang maohyih cherngweir zhuuyaoh cherngshih. jintian Shahnghaai shih shihjieh zuih dah gaangkoou.

Shanghai is one of China's most important cities. Shanghai attracts many tourists each year. Because Shanghai is so big and important and makes so much money, it is both a city and a province in China.

Shahnghaai shih ZG zuih zhohngyaoh cherngshih zhiyi, meei niarn xiyiin heenduo yourkeh. Shahnghaai heen dah, heen zhohngyaoh, zhuahn heenduo qiarn, yin`err shih ZG d zhirxiarshih.