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Map of Russia

Russia is a country which is mostly in Asia and partly in Eastern Europe.

Russia shih dahbuhfehn zaih Yahzhou, buhfehn zaih Dong Ou d guorjia.

It is the largest country in the world.

ta shih shihjieh zuih dah d guorjia.

About 145 million people live in Russia.

rernkoou yue 1 yih 4500 wahn.

The capital city of Russia is Moscow.

shooudu Moscow.

Russia is a very large and diverse country.

Russia shih juhdah her duoyuarnhuah guorjia.

Its government is based on democratic election.

zhehngfuu shih mirnxuaan d.

The president is chosen in direct elections, and its current president is Vladimir Putin.

zoongtoong your zhirxuaan chaansheng, xiahnrehn zoongtoong shih Vladimir Putin.

The official language is Russian.

guanfang yuuyarn shih Russia-yuu.

Russia produces a lot of energy made from oil and natural gas.

Russia shengchaan dahliahng lairzih shiryour her tianrarnqih d nerngyuarn.