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Pinyin tone marking

Europe is situated in the the west of Eurasia. It borders Asia to the east, the Mediterranean sea to the south, the Atlantic Ocean to the west, and the Arctic Ocean to the north. There are over 50 countries in Europe. Most of the countries in Europe are the members of the European Union. The city with the biggest population in Europe is Istanbul.

Ouzhou weihyur Ou-Yah Dahluh xibuh. ta de dongmiahn yuu Yahzhou, narnmiahn yuu Dihzhong Haai, ximiahn yuu Dahxi Yarng, beeimiahn yuu Beeibing Yarng xiangliarn. Ouzhou yoou chaoguoh 50 'ge guorjia, dahbuhfehn shih Ouzhou Liarnmerng de cherngyuarn. Istanbul shih Ouzhou rernkoou zuih duo de cherngshih.