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Neapolitan Primer
Neapolitan English
a to
'a from (somewhere)
addu from
arrèto, nnerèto behind
affianco, appriesso, azzicco beside, next to
cóntro against
cu with
d'/'e* of
dinto, into within, inside
fòre, fòra outside
ncòppa on, above
nfino a, nsino a until
pe, pe' for
sótto under
tra, nfra between, among, within, in

(*d' is used before a word or article beginning with a vowel (d"o, for example), 'e is used before consonants)

Prepostions in Neapolitan are not generally articulated as they are in Italian, with the following exceptions:

â = a + 'a (Italian, alla) = to the
ê= a + 'e (Italian, ai, agli, alle) = to the (plural)
ô = a + 'o (Italian, al, allo) = to the