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Neapolitan Primer

Ll'affabbeto nnapulitano[edit]

There are 22 letters in the Neapolitan alphabet:

letter name pronunciation
a ah /ɑ/
b bey /be/
c chee /t͡ʃi/
d dee /di/
e ay /e/
f effe /'ɛf.fɛ/
g gee /d͡ʒi/
h acca /'ak.ka/
i ee /i/
j ee luonga /i.'lwɔ̃.gə/
l elle /'ɛl.lɛ/
m emme /'ɛm.mɛ/
n enne /'ɛn.nɛ/
o oh /ɔ/~/o/
p pay /'pe/
q coo /ku/
r erre /'ɛɾ.ɾɛ/
s esse /'ɛs.sɛ/
t tee /ti/
u ew /u/
v voo /vu/
x eeks /iks/
z zzeta /'ze.tə/