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This is where specific guides to jump quests go. The rewards, locations, requirements and so forth go on the previous page

What is a jump quest[edit | edit source]

a jump quest is simply a quest that requires you to reach a certain distance and retrieve an item(s) Which are required for a quest. The character must jump a certain distance which is up or right to reach the portal. When the player finishes the jump quest they will see a NPC and need to talk to them to retrieve the items. Sometimes in jump quests there are lv 200 monsters such as super stirge, super jr necki and invisible lupin. these monsters do only 1 damage when they hit you. You CANNOT kill them and you will miss every time. These monsters can be very annoying.Another obstacle is a invisble mob.Which is you cannot hit it and you can never aim at it. This includes forest spikes,electric wires,fire plants,red lasers,blue lasers,moving lasers and electricity spills,forest wolbi stars,swinging axe,the moving balls of green and the moving balls of red..All of these obstacles have a high chance of giving you a knockback and do 1 damage(except the electricity spills(10) and swinging axe(45-70))If you complete the quest a second time you may get rewarded with 2 jewel or mineral ores depending on which quest you attempted.Unlike the others,the level 50 anti aging machine for sabitrama has a SMALL chance of giving 1 red hearted earring.each invisible mob will have a different speed,attack and direction it goes.In the Johns Present quest there is something unique which is platform identifying.Some platforms are fake.the fake ones will not hold you. instead you will fall.Some people have a problem with the multiple bags part.The only way to identify this is the see the knot.People should be aware using haste and flash jump is completely stupid and does not work. This will down the difficulty! but for some point in maplestory they moved the spots of the super jr necki in the subway B1 AREA 1 to the end at some point of the day.....For some quests,you will need to pay a certain fee to go inside the jump quest area.which is for subway construction site quests and sabitrama quests(when finished you dont pay)

John's Sleepywood Jumping Quests[edit | edit source]

John's Pink Flower Basket[edit | edit source]

This is a relatively easy jumping quest which doesn't require a complete walkthrough. However, here are some useful tips.

There are two screens to pass in this jumping quest

Most, if not all balls can be ducked under in this. Use this to plan quick jumping and ducking.

When going down one step, you do not have to jump. Just walk off and you will land on the next lower step.

There are a few places where getting hit gives you an advantage, particularily the long flat platforms in the second map. Getting hit prevents you from getting hit from other balls, letting you reach the next part of the map.

The second map requires a lot of patience. You will need to concentrate a lot to get past this screen.

At the top of the second map, you will find some pink flowers. Double click the flowers to receive your reward.

If you reach the flowers and you have already completed the quest, you will get 2 ores of Adamantium, Bronze, Mithril, Silver, Orihalcon, or Steel

Doing this quest time and time again is common practice for everyone in need of ores.

John's Present[edit | edit source]

There are two screens to pass in this jumping quest

Time your jumps carefully.

For the first map, jump only on platforms with sacks on top but watch out for some which make you fall. Just make sure you jump on the platforms with the sacks all facing the same way, that is if you're standing on a platform with a sack facing left then you know to only jump on the platforms with the sacks facing left and not the ones facing right.

For the second map, patience and timing is your friend. I recommend taking the left side firstly wait for the satrz to pass and get to a safe platform on the left and duck if neccessary. Then when you are halfway up timing is all you need, and a bit of patience, do not rush this bit can be done without being hit. Finally, when you reach the top bit and it seems impossible to dodge any stars then your right, you have to get hit to get past this part. Here's a tip the black stars hit you back and the grey stars hit you forward, oh yeah and dont duck 'til the last bit then just jump up onto the saw platforms and then its easy from there, just jump over the saws and it doesn't matter if you get hit.

Don't forget to bring return scrolls before do the quest! This is because if you do not get 20 flowers in the first go then you have to go back and give the flowers you have to john and return and do the quest again.

  • You do not have to do the quest again and again any more, now you only have to do it once

John's Last Present[edit | edit source]

Shumi's Kerning Subway Jumping Quests[edit | edit source]

Shumi's Lost Coin[edit | edit source]

Construction Site B1 <AREA 1> WALKTHROUGH

  • Jump your way to the left. Duck sometimes so the laser won`t hit you and knock you off.
  • Go down the rope and ladder and into the portal.
  • Go into the other portal to the right
  • Climb up the rope - your head should be at the platform to the left`s height
  • When the laser goes up, go onto the platform to the right
  • Quickly go onto the next rope and have your head at the platform height.
  • Once you are done, go into the portal
  • Jump around and duck when the spark goes on the wire.
  • Go into the portal when done.
  • Jump until you get to the portal and climb to the next one.

Jump Quest area completed

  • You may hunt Bubblings here until the 99 minute limit runs out.
  • When you are ready to leave, click the Treasure Chest to collect Shumi's Coin.
  • If the quest is already complete, you will receive two random mineral ores (Adamantium, Bronze, Mithril, Silver, Orihalcon, or Steel) instead.
  • A video guide by jvizzle can be found at

Shumi's Lost Bundle of Money[edit | edit source]

Part 1
There are 3 ropes, and lasers. Take the left rope, get used to the stalling spots, and get to the top. Next, there are lots of lasers, and platforms crowded together making a 'stair' formation. At the top, go to the second platform from the right or the far left platform. The far left platform takes you to the right side of the next part, and the second from the right takes you to the left side of the next part. The other platforms at the top will 'toss' you around. Next, the platforms are shaped like a W, and depending on the platform you pressed ^ on, you will be on the right or left point. Climb to the top, duck until the lasers are gone. As soon as they disappear completely, climb up the ladder. The lasers will FINALLY be gone! Well, except for the one in the middle. There are lasers going through the middle only, and one going up and down like in the lvl 20 one. There is a 'square' of platforms going around the edge, go to the top of it and wait for the lasers to disappear and the moving laser to be at the bottom. Climb up to the portal.
Part 2
Start and fall down here. Press ^ on the light, and climb to the top of the room. Go behind the wall, jump again. If you're lucky you will land on the portal, if not you will have to climb.
Jr. Wraiths and Jr. Boogies galore! If you want to get it over with click on the treasure chest.

Part 1, section 1: Take the left rope and look for stalling gaps. Part 1, section 2 and 3: You can duck in some places, watch the lasers. Part 1, section 4: When at the top of the square, wait for everything to leave.

Part 2, section 1: Fall, fall fall Part 2, section 2 and 3: You can duck or even stand up in some places, but don't think that the floor is actually solid...

Extra: Get in the subway by going into a sign and walk to the ladder past the treasure chest.


  • On the right of each ladder, theres a brown looking pole that is divided into cubes.
  • Take the second ladder to your left.
  • Take note of where your head is, it should be under the 4th cube of the pole next to you
  • Wait until the lasers go out COMPLETLY. One hit and you go off
  • When they go out, Go to they 7th or 8th cube of the pole ( your body should fit there )
  • Lasers out, Go up until you are nearly at the electric fence travel wire
  • Lasers out, Go and duck at the nearby electric fence at the top left
  • Lasers out, Go and quickly duck under the electric fences at the top.
  • Lasers out, Go to the 2nd last brick at the side(left or right) and press up.
  • Jump and duck sometimes and NEVER stop in the middle of the ladder.
  • If the moving laser is up and lasers out, jump and quickly get onto the side.
  • Keep going and beware of the laser at the top.
  • When you see the 0 and the slash (/) on a sign, it means if you fall, you fall more down.


  • Study the Lasers and eventually you`ll get it.
  • When you are done the 2 phrases of lasers, go and jump and FALL onto the portal spot
  • You will get knock back from the freefall so you need to keep going a little.

Jump Quest area completed

  • Redo Subway Jumping quest - 2 Random Jewel Ores (except Diamond or Black Crystal )

Shumi's Lost Sack Of Money[edit | edit source]

Part 1
This is a jump/wait run. Bat things will block your way sometimes, and to get through them quickly, you should get hit by the electric fences.

The fastest way to do this is to get hit by the electric fences. Electric fences push you to the left one "jump", and turn you invincible. Tricks include jumping when the electric fence is on, allowing you to jump to the left and up at the same time, while turning you invincible. This allows you to avoid bats easily.

It is much easier and faster to just jump/wait. But if you jump for ores, you need to master hitting the fences to avoid the bats.

Part 2
The fastest way is to do a non-stop run through the map... it is hard to explain but easy to show. Just hold down right and keep jumping. There are only 3 spots you need to stop and wait. If done correctly, you should be done in just around 30 seconds. The ABSOLUTE perfect time includes getting hit by a few lasers to push you forward, and you end up around 28 seconds time.

It should be noted that the fastest way through on your first run is to just jump and wait, jump and wait. It takes much practice to beat this part like the masters, and the jump wait cycle does not take long to do either. A "perfect run" takes just under 30 seconds, and you should have only 1 "wait" the entire jump time if you do it correctly. Masters aim for "nearly perfect" runs, that takes a bit longer than 30 seconds and only wait 2 times the entire time. (once in the middle, and once on the end)

Part 3
The fastest way to complete this map is by getting hit at certain places. Red Horizontal lasers push you 1 jump to the left, Red Vertical Lasers push you right 1.5 jumps (so you have to jump into vertical lasers for it to work for you), blasters push you down or to the left/right 1 jump, and electric fences push you one to the left.

Just like Part 2, it is much faster to jump and wait on your first try. But if you plan to be jumping for ores, you should learn how to master Part 3.

Sabitrama's Ellinia Forest Jumping Quests[edit | edit source]

Sabitrama and the Diet Medicine[edit | edit source]

First you will enter a very tall map. It contains stair-like platforms. Becareful, the platforms are pretty wide apart, so try jumping close to the edge. When you get to a stair intersection, you can choose the left or the right path. Check your mini map, because one way could have a missing stair, forcing you to come back down. If you come back down, make sure you jump back, do not just try to walk down a platform because they are too far apart.

The next stage is smaller, but it would take atleast 2 times longer. First, there is a rope. It might take a while to get pass this rope since there are lupins throwing banana peels trying to push you off. If you timing is correct, you should pass it safely. Then you come to spears. There are 6 spears, 3 stabbing upwards and 3 stabbing downwards. They stab at the same time, so they won't be much trouble. Then, you should come to a structure at the very left. There should be 3 sets of spears stabbing at different times. Crouch under these spears, and wait until all spears stab at close times. Then quickly jump to the top of this structure. Now you come to sets of spears at the same spot, but they stab at different times. So, wait until the spears stab at around close times so you can safely jump. Now you to a same structure like the one to the left. It's similar, but just a little harder. After the structure, you come to these sharp things in the ground. If you tab the arrow key walking towards the spike, you should get hit but just only slide to the other side of it. You can jump over, but running into the spike gets you ready for.... later after the spikes there are more spikes except that they have spikes above the spikes you have to get past so you cant jump over them. Then pass the part... Now you see lots of ropes... and lupins. This part is probably the easiest part of this map. Just wait and get pass the lupins and wait between the gaps where the lupins don't throw anything. If you want to do it faster, I found that you can jump off the rope and land on the lupin platforms. Then when you reach the bushes, press q to open your quest menu and check which bush you need to get. If you choose the correct one, you get a scroll. If you choose the wrong one, you get 5 elixirs.

You will arrive at Hidden Street: The Forest of Patience <Step 1>
Jump up the tree stumps - some are missing. I took this path: Left, Right, Right, Left.
You will need to pass 2 Lupines throwing banana peels, just don't let the bananna peels touch you.
Go through the door to be taken to Hidden Street: The Forest of Patience <Step 2>
Jump as necessary to reach the top of this map, you will need to avoid spears.At the top of this level, there are lupins throwing there desert at you again. but there is a complete way to cheat in this part which is JUMP at the top which will allow you to have a shortcut(do at your own risk)

Sabitrama's Anti-Aging Medicine[edit | edit source]

This has three parts. The first you just jump and jump, my only suggestion is that you should take your time. The second has platforms going up in stair form. My suggestion is that to wait for the necki to go to the other side of the platform and then you should go move and get by her, this will make you jump a little back but won't make you fall. Then keep doing this until the end. The third part is hard to explain so just take your time and try to learn and decipher while you do it.

To finish this quest you need to pick the correct ginseng (which there are 4 different one). The reward for this quest you will get a star rock (you can use it for lvl 45 manji's quest). If you redo, you'll get bc, gold, diamond, and sometimes red hearted earrings (rare).