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Complete Table of Contents
Authors list

Primary Authors[edit | edit source]

Those who have contributed a significant amount of work to this book. Basically, they do the work of Editors, citations, photographers, and proofreaders. Additionally, they patrol this book for vandals; in alphabetical order.

Editors[edit | edit source]

Those who have contributed to this book, in alphabetical order.
  • Brady1234 - reviving monster list after someone deleted it and permanently erased it
  • Bonekhan - contributing to the Maps Section (IGN (Bera): Bonekhan)
  • Captain Kevles - Classes, General Info, Formatting (IGN: Messiah/BuddyChrist)
  • EchelonThree - the Weapons (Bow) Section
  • Embok
  • EMP Demon
  • Gamefreak - added some quest info
  • Geekyaznboy - Cleaned up book and added stuff here and there
  • Jacob Clark - Bits of info/tips here and there (IGN: Royle)
  • Harakuso - minor contributions to some sections
  • Kalani - cleaned up the book
  • MajesticMystic
  • masterdestiny - KMS,JMS,CMS notes
  • K~man (Kevin Lee) - introduction and monster notes for GMS
  • Kenjoki Ikari - contributions to the Lubridium PQ section.
  • La Hire
  • Posala - Some glossary stuff, and a couple of other things.
  • Raylena - added a few bits of info here and there, esp. to glossary
  • Steventrouble - made list of weapons!

Proofreaders[edit | edit source]

Corrected errors in the book, technical or factual; in alphabetical order.
  • BlindingDarkness
  • iFat
  • Josen
  • NutZero
  • Vazzaroth

Photographer[edit | edit source]

Created Screenshots for this game, in alphabetical order.
  • Derek Leung
  • Kenneth Ng
  • K~man

Citations[edit | edit source]

Sources of facts for this book.
  • And finally those many anonymous sources. Thank you.